Private Shopping Appointment Booking

What to Expect

Exclusive Attention: Enjoy one-on-one time with a Patio Guru, ensuring personalized advice and selections.

Why Book a Private Appointment?

  1. Safe & Comfortable: Shop with ease and confidence in a crowd-free environment.
  2. Fast-Track Choices: Your dedicated Patio Guru will pre-select items based on your preferences, making the shopping journey swift and enjoyable.
  3. Fun & Refreshing: Enjoy a custom shopping experience as you browse and brainstorm your next outdoor oasis.
  4. Zero Pressure: Our goal? Your patio happiness. Take your time, ask questions, and dream big!

Book Your Private Shopping Experience With a Patio Guru!

Dive into a tailored shopping experience, where you'll have a Patio Guru all to yourself! Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to upgrade, we'll make your patio dreams come true.

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