Adalia Extreme X3M


The quality engineered ADALIA EXTREME X3M™ retractable awning is our most popular awning and is designed to combine durability with excellent functionality. Most parts are made from extruded, thermally treated, and artificially aged aluminum. All parts are immune to corrosion and are finished with a white, ivory, black powder or spinnaker beige coating. Custom colour matching on the frame is available. The slope is adjustable with a hex key and wrench from 0° to 75°. The ADALIA X3M™ is backed by a 10-year warranty.

The awnings are made to each client's specification with custom widths starting from 6'2" wide (in 1" increments). Available projections: 5'4", 6'9", 8'8", 10'0" and 11'8". 



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