Manual Screens


Manual Retractable Screens

Wizard Screens manually operated screens are an effective way to protect windows, doors, patio enclosures and more. Using captured edged technology on the mesh, Auto stop braking for total convenience and control, we can screen openings from side to side, up and down, and from large to small.

Patented Auto Brake

Wizard Screens patented Auto Brake System allows users to stop the screen along its tracks, anywhere. This design is unmatched in the market today and does not require unsightly, problematic latches in the middle of the tracks.  Using effective latching mechanisms for complete closure allows for a 100% seal when the screen is closed giving total protection against the elements.

Discrete Design

With multiple products available, we are confident we can meet your needs. Wizard Screens can integrate your screen into walls for unmatched aesthetics, or we can park our screens out of view to protect what's important. The design and engineering of Wizard Screens allows for convenient installation on finished homes or in new construction while keeping the project timelines firmly line in sight.



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