BetterView Retractable Screens


Betterview Retractable Screens

BetterView is the new gold standard for retractable door screens combining the features found in our other screen solutions all packaged together.  With its cutting-edge features, BetterView is an advanced retractable screen system that embodies the latest technological advancements in the market. This innovative screening system is specifically engineered and constructed to accommodate various window and door applications. With dimensions reaching up to 72" in width and 96" in height BetterView is designed to fit a range of single and double-entry doors and windows, ensuring a custom fit for various types and sizes.

Controlled Slow Close Retraction

BetterView sets itself apart with its exceptional retraction control, offering the most precise and controlled operation available. The full-length slide bar pull-bar holds the screen in place and enables effortless one-touch latch and release functionality, eliminating the need for magnets, pulleys, or cables. The speed reducing glide technology features a slow recoil viscous braking system with consistent operation from start to finish.

Modern Square Housing, Low Profile Track

BetterView screens are engineered to provide premium outward visibility and superior airflow without sacrificing insect protection. With a modern, square housing design, the BetterView retractable screen system will blend seamlessly with your home’s aesthetic. It utilizes superior quality aluminum with a durable finish and UV-resistant fiberglass mesh, both of which will endure the test of time. BetterView can be designed to fit both door and window screens.

Captured Mesh

BetterView utilizes superior-quality aluminum and UV-resistant fibreglass to endure the test of time while offering an excellent viewing experience so you can see the view—not the screen. BetterView retractable window and door screens feature captured mesh on all four sides, including both tracks to keep the mesh retained and tight at all times. The screen is zipper-guided along the top and bottom tracks to provide superior insect protection and help keep pets indoors.

Customize BetterView for your Application

BetterView retractable screens are built to fit most types and sizes of windows, single and double door applications up to 6’ wide and 8’ feet tall.


The Complete Retractable Screen System

BetterView retractable screens feature the key benefits from other screening systems in one complete package.

Custom Made
Fits any existing door. 

Latching Slide Bar
No need for magnets, pulleys, or cables.

Captured Mesh Finish
Avoids tears and catches.

Speed Reducer
Avoids closing in a crash.


Customization Options

BetterView retractable door and window screens can be customized to match your current window or door finishes for a seamless appearance.

Mesh Options:

18x14 Fibreglass Mesh Insect Screen

18x14 Fiberglass Insect screen is meticulously woven to provide extra strength and reliable defense against insects. This unique screening system is built to provide protection from unwanted insects so you can enjoy the benefits of fresh air without the pests.

Tuff Screen Pet Mesh

Pet Mesh is a robust screening solution for home with pets or small children. The mesh is strong enough to withstand the impact of being walked into, while maintaining excellent visibility so you can enjoy clear views without compromise.

Wizard Screens offers a 5 years limited warranty on all components.



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