SlideView Heavy Duty Patio Slider Screens


Slideview Sliding Screen Doors

SlideView heavy-duty sliding patio screens are designed for sliding glass patio doors on vinyl, aluminum or wood frames. SlideView screens are engineered for durability and strength with a reinforced thick heavy-duty aluminum extruded frame and sturdy vinyl-coated steel wheels.

Whisper Wheel Technology

Our SlideView screens use a uniquely developed steel ball bearing and nylon-coated metal wheel specially designed for a smooth and quiet operation that won't break. Made from robust materials for durability to give you years of trouble-free sliding door screen use.

Built to Withstand Heavy Traffic

Using a heavy-duty extruded frame and reinforced metal corners SlideView screens are built to last. For even more support pair SlideView with our TuffScreen Heavy Duty mesh to withstand the pressure of kids or pets running into the screen.

Customize SlideView for your Application

SlideView sliding patio screens can be custom-made for your application. Cover doors up to 4’ wide and 8’ tall in a variety of mesh options from standard, enhanced and solar mesh.

Mesh Options

SlideView sliding screens are available in 5 mesh types. Each mesh option provides anti-glare and sunshade features.

Standard Mesh (18x14)

Our standard fiberglass screens protect against insects and withstand windblown debris so you can enjoy a pest-free day inside your home with plenty of fresh air.

TuffScreen Heavy Duty Mesh

Built to withstand the force of getting walked into, TuffScreen is heavy-duty, vinyl-coated, pet-resistant, and built to last.

No-Seeum Mesh (20x20)

Our no-see-ums insect screens are designed with a finer weave to provide added protection against the smallest of pests.

Solar Mesh (20x30)

Solar mesh blocks up to 65% of UV rays and heat while providing enhanced privacy during the daytime.

Bettervue Enhanced Insect Screen Mesh

Bettervue combines the benefits of insect protection and visibility. The translucent screen offers a clearer view and more airflow as well as 33% more insect control, 10% extra sunlight and 15% more openness than standard screens.



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