RetractaView Retractable Screen Doors


Retractable Screen Doors

RetractaView™ by Wizard Screens is a premium retractable screen door solution. Featuring a sleek modern design, built using the highest quality of components, RetractaView™ is the last screen door you’ll ever buy.

Withstand Endless Door Traffic

Known for its extensive track record, RetractaView™ stands out as the most-long lasting retractable screen door on the market. The resilient design is built to withstand harsh weather conditions, wear and tear, and UV exposure—guaranteeing trouble-free performance for long periods. The sturdy nylon construction ensures durability, so the housing remains unaffected by warping, cracking, or fading. Even when faced with the force of impacts from individuals or pets, the retractable screen absorbs them without tearing or sagging.

Glidesmooth Technology

Our innovative GlideSmooth Technology ensures effortless one-handed operation along the discreet upper and lower tracks. A custom magnetic catch system holds the retractable patio screen in place when in use yet releases should a pet or person run into the screen. With silicone injected nylon components, RetractaView™ provides smooth operation—no more binding or jams.

Incredible Value

With RetractaView™, homeowners no longer have to make compromises by choosing an unsightly traditional screen or forgoing screening altogether. RetractaView™ features sleek, low-profile housing and a contemporary design that seamlessly integrates with any existing door. The screen is simply pulled into place when needed, maintaining a clear and unobstructed view while providing UV and pest protection. When an unobstructed view is desired, the screen simply retracts and disappears out of sight.

Customize RetractaView™ for your Application

RetractaView™ is the perfect screen solution for your door! Our retractable door screens are custom-made and professionally installed.

The Last Screen Door You'll Ever Need

Available in a variety of colours, styles, and solar, pet and insect mesh , RetractaView is the perfect retractable screen for french doors, patios or standard doors, including single in-swing or out-swing, sliding, and double French. Covered by a limited lifetime warranty, RetractaView™ is the last screen door you’ll ever buy. 

Custom Made
To fit virtually any door.

Disappears While Not In Use
For unobstructed views.

Ergonomic Handle
Reduces wrist tension.

GlideSmooth Technology
For effortless operation.


Mesh Options:

Standard Mesh

Our standard mesh screening system keeps your home insect-free while maintaining clear visibility. Standard mesh is ideal for large openings and provides the greatest visibility compare to stronger mesh types.

No See-Um Mesh

Our NO-SEE-UMS insect screens features a tightly woven design, offering effective defense against small insects. Noseeum Mesh is designed with an intricate mesh system to provide added protection against small insects and pests ensuring that tiny pests stay out. The denser the weave of the mesh, the greater the level of privacy and protection it provides, both during the day and at night.

Tuff Screen Pet Mesh

TuffScreen Pet Mesh is the ultimate heavy-duty, vinyl-coated insect screen that withstands the impact of pets or small children that may run into the screen. This heavy-duty, vinyl-coated insect screen is resistant to pet damage and built to be long-lasting, ensuring it can endure rough usage. It is an ideal choice for high-traffic areas such as patio and porch enclosures, windows, and doors due to its exceptional durability. Despite its strength, PetScreen mesh still provides good visibility and clear views.

Optional Speed Reducer

RetractaView™ can include a speed reducer designed to slow screen retraction speed to prevent accidental impacts and slamming. This option is only recommended for seniors or households with toddlers as the speed reducer addition may increase wear on associated screen components.

Wizard Screens offers a limited Lifetime Warranty on all components.



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