The Horizon Retractable Screens for Large Openings


Retractable Screens for Large Openings 

The Horizon screen is our most sophisticated screening system and the industry’s ideal screen for oversize and unique doors and large openings. Enjoy unobstructed views and fresh air while indoors with The Horizon retractable wall screens.

Cover the Largest Openings 

The Horizon Retractable Screen sets the new standard in retractable screens for large openings ideal for maintaining unobstructed views on openings, doors and folding wall systems. The Horizon can accommodate post-less corner doors up to 21’6” wide in each direction to cover double units up to 43’. To go inside or outside, the screen is effortlessly pulled to the desired width to allow easy access and can be locked in place or quickly closed. The unique ability to open the screen just enough to move through minimizes the opportunity for pests or insects to enter the home. When the screen is not needed, The Horizon fully retracts into its side housing to stay out of sight for an unobstructed view.

Patent Auto Brake Technology

Unlike typical large wall screens that open vertically, the Horizon moves side-to-side and features a built-in patented auto-brake system that allows the retractable wall screen to be opened and stopped at any width along its horizontal track. Our unique patented handle is flush with the door for a sleek, modern design. Homeowners gain full control with the convenience of unlimited stopping points by simply releasing the handle.

Captured Mesh Finish

The Horizon boasts a captured mesh finish to ensure the mesh is locked in place at all times. Utilizing specialized equipment the screen mesh is captured in the tracks which keeps the mesh retained and tight at all times—say goodbye to screen blowouts and frayed mesh. The screen seamlessly blends into the low profile track at just ½” tall for a smooth transition.



The Horizon is installed into the frame without screws or bolts and integrates with doors to hide when not in use.

The Horizon can be paired with any unique door or difficult-to-screen opening up to 43 feet (double)/21'6" (single) and can accommodate post-less corner doors up to 21’6” wide each direction.

The Horizon is the perfect retractable wall screen for the following doors and large openings:

  • Multi-slide doors
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Stacker doors
  • Corner openings
  • Large openings
  • Telescoping walls


Enjoy Open-Concept Living with The Horizon Retractable Wall Screens

Live large with The Horizon. 

Patented Auto Brake  
Automatically stops when the handle is released.

 Low Profile Track
The lower track blends seamlessly into every application.

No Visible Fasteners
Fits harmoniously in any architectural setting.

Cover Large Openings 
43’ Wide with a Double Span.

Floating Track
Provides automatic compensation across the entire opening.

Patented Flush Handle
Improves aesthetics and provides more clearance.

Captured Edge
Locks the screen in tight.

Joint Compatibility
Assembly options to meet your needs.


Customization Options:

Aluminum Frame

The Horizon Aluminum Frame is designed and built from premium high grade aluminum. Our aluminum frames are available in either a contemporary Square Housing frame or traditional Rounded Housing, both come in a selection of standard colors using AksoNobel 2604 Paint Finish. For custom color and wood grain options, contact us.

Housing Options:

Square Housing

Square housing is a modern housing finish option. The clean lines and defined angles create a structured and organized visual appeal, showcasing a timeless architectural style that seamlessly blends with modern design.

Round Housing

Round housing is a contemporary housing option. Its curved lines and organic form exude a harmonious and inviting aesthetic that is timeless.

Integrated Frame

An innovative new retractable screen system can be completely built into the wall cavity to make the retractable wall screen even more discreet and streamlined.

Wizard Screens offers a 5 years limited warranty on all components.



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