Smartscreen Manual Retractable Screens


Manual Retractable Screens

SmartScreen is a versatile manual pull-down screening system for patios, porch openings and garage doors. SmartScreen is the perfect vertical screening solution  featuring a unique floating track system that provides smooth and easy operation featuring a captured edge to prevent blowouts. 

The ultimate screening solution for decks, patios, gazebos, garage doors, and other outdoor areas.

Slide n' Stop Technology

A unique floating track system provides smooth and easy operation or SmartScreen retractable screens. It takes only seconds to Slide ‘n Stop the screen anywhere along its tracks with pin locks to further secure the pull bar in place. Our Slide ‘n Stop feature allows for ease of manual retraction to easily increase direct airflow, or go in and out of doors.

Discrete Design

SmartScreen manual pull-down screens are designed with a compact housing that has no visible fasteners or bottom rail. The screen virtually disappears when not in use to blend in seamlessly with your home’s exterior. SmartScreen provides convenient insect control, UV protection, and features a captured edge which prevents blow-outs to ensure a long-lasting retractable screen solution.

Privacy Protection

SmartScreen is an ideal solution for a variety of screening applications. Designed as a retractable window screen or a retractable screen for patios, SmartScreen provides added privacy protection while preserving outbound viewability.

Customize SmartScreen for your Application

SmartScreen manual pull-down screens are custom-made for your application. Cover widths up to 12’ wide in a variety of mesh options from standard, solar and privacy protection finishes.

Discrete Design
Compact housing—no visible fasteners and no bottom rail.

Slide ‘n Stop
Stop the screen anywhere along its tracks.

UV Protection
Solar mesh provides added protection.

Customization Options:

Finish Options:

Black or white

Mesh Options:

Standard - Phifer Patio Mesh 12' x 9' Drop

Our standard patio mesh is designed for large openings and ideal for applications where extra strength is desired.

Phifer Solar Mesh

Solar mesh stops up to 65% of the sun's heat and glare. This fabric is ideal for daytime privacy while offering excellent outward visibility to avoid impacting outdoor views.

Solar Sheerweave by Phifer

Phifer’s SheerWeave fabrics are designed to provide high-performing solutions to the sun’s harsh rays. This mesh protects against damaging UV and improves the comfort of any interior space and provides 97% UV block and high level of privacy.



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