Smartscreen Motorized Retractable Screens


Smartscreen Motorized Screens

SmartScreen Motorized Retractable Screens offer the convenience of privacy, insect protection, and sun control at the touch of a button. Specifically designed and engineered to accommodate spaces up to 30' wide and 16' tall, SmartScreen is the ultimate motorized retractable screen for patios, decks, outdoor seating areas and garages. Transform your outdoor living area into an oasis with the protection and convenience of a SmartScreen retractable motorized screen.

The ultimate power screening solution that conveniently retracts when not in use.

Control at the Touch of a Button

SmartScreen retractable screens are customized to fit a variety of requirements with automated options such as integrating the screens into any 3rd party smart home services like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT and more.  The screen can be opened and closed with ease using a remote control or fully integrated to operate your motorized screen from your home's electrical system or your smartphone. Powered by a Somfy motor, our motorized SmartScreens operate quietly and effectively to allow for ease of use and years of trouble-free operation.

Recessed Application

SmartScreen motorized screens can be designed and installed into the home during the renovation or construction phase. Both the retractable screen roller and side tracks can be recessed so the screen components are entirely hidden and discrete so that they blend seamlessly into the home design. The retractable screen can be recessed completely out of sight—it's important that you work with your local dealer and builder during the planning and construction phase to efficiently incorporate a recessed SmartScreen Motorized retractable screen into the home design to achieve a finished and seamless appearance.

Captured Mesh

SmartScreen’s motorized retractable patio screens are manufactured and welded using the best available specialized equipment to expertly weld zippers to the mesh to provide premium retention that ensures the screen material is secured tightly into side tracks. The unique captured mesh system keeps the mesh locked in at all times to prevent the screen from blowing out of the tracks keeping the screen taut and resistant to tearing.

Motorized Retractable Patio Screens

Seamlessly integrate the indoors with the outdoors with a retractable patio screen. SmartScreen is ideal for patios, gazebos and porches to provide protection against insects, harsh weather elements and UV rays. Enjoy fresh air flow and unobstructed views with a SmartScreen patio screen.

Motorized Garage Door Screens

Add insect, privacy and UV protection to your garage with a SmartScreen garage door screen. Let the fresh air flow in your garage or recreational space, or add additional privacy.

Retractable Motorized Screens for Large Openings

Designed and engineered for strength and the ability to cover large openings up to 30 feet wide and 16 feet tall, the SmartScreen Motorized Screen can easily accommodate your application.

Create an Oasis for Large Outdoor Spaces

SmartScreen motorized screens are perfect for bridging the indoors with the outdoors while keeping out unwanted elements such as insects or UV rays.

Discrete Design
Blends seamlessly with existing home decor.

Self Cleaning
Two brushes clean the screen during operation.

Premium Strength Heavy Duty Pivot
Uniquely designed pivot prevents slipping.

Motorized For Convenience 
Easily adjust for comfort at the touch of a button.

Environmental Control
Protects from insects, UV rays, and adds privacy.

Remote Control
Opens and closes at the touch of a button—powered by Somfy. 

Captured Mesh
Locks mesh in tight for a seamless finish.



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